Angel Step Inn

Los Angeles
Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter
Program Manager: Virginia Salcedo
Addresses confidential
(323) 780-4357 Hotline
(323) 780-7285 Hotline

Angel Step Inn was established by SCADP in 1995 as the first domestic violence emergency shelter in California for battered, substance-addicted women and their children. The program has a static capacity of 30 beds. The emergency shelter is located in Los Angeles County and is funded through the California Office of Emergency Services, the Emergency Housing and Assistance Program, and the City of Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department.


Angel Step Inn provides shelter and a 45-day dual focus program of substance abuse treatment and domestic violence counseling for women with co-morbid battering and Substance Use Disorders. Our emergency shelters provide on-site Substance Abuse education, case management, linkage and transportation to social services, as well as discharge planning for transition to safe or permanent housing.

 The Angel Step Inn Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter\

Angel Step Inn is an emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children. The program is a 45-day transitional shelter that provides a place of escape and safety for victims fleeing domestic violence who are also dealing with substance use disorders. It provides stabilization and protection for clients and their children. We educate the clients and their children about domestic violence. We provide viable resources and referrals for additional services and safe housing. It is a 45-day emergency domestic violence shelter. Although no substance use treatment is offered on this site, referrals for outpatient or residential treatment are available. Transitional housing referrals are made when the client exits our facility.